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IQ Option Account Verification Process

IQ Option Account Verification Process

IQ Option Account Verification Process

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[Table] IAmA president of a College Kink club AMA

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Date: 2012-07-12
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Questions Answers
Do you get much hassle from the the guys who attend? Any funny stories.. At the beginning of each meeting we have a little rant about not outing people outside of club although everybody is free to attend. I think the most awkward people feel is when they come there for their honors project. At our school all honor students must attend a club they normally wouldn't attend and write a paper on it. We, of course, are high on that list.
People talk about our club behind our backs of course but we are getting a lot of acceptance recently through exposure in student publications!
Best story off the top of my head is during a meeting when people were introducing themselves and one guy said "I came here because I like to be dominated by women." then the girl next to him said "I'm here because I like to be dominated by men."
Perhaps they can set up a rota between the pair. Mon,Wed, Fri M>F. Tue,Thurs,Sat F>M. Sunday Icecream day. It can work for some :P I like the ice-cream day! My girlfriend and I are in a power-play thing but generally it's whoever starts the beating first.
Are you a bisexual man or a bisexual woman? I am a bisexual woman although I prefer the term pansexual.
Does no-one just want to dominate any more? Kids these days.. Oh I dominate ;)
You just pan through the available options around you? Pretty much, I pan until I hit gold.
They mean the same thing. One is just esoteric and pretentious. Not quite. In some cases bisexual will infer a gender binary, while pansexual implies a gender spectrum. It's just a more inclusive term.
What do you do with the pan? Spanking? Oh there are many many things one can do with a pan... The most delicious of which is pancakes.
You're a gold panner? Different than a gold digger, although the terms are not exclusive.
"I said REAL maple syrup, worm!" Haha I well remember that one!
2) How frequent are meetings, and how many attend? 2) Meetings are weekly and how many people attend depends on the meeting. It can be from 5-60. The rope bondage is a popular one of course and I'm expecting that due to 5 shades of grey we may see an increase in people this year. 3) I am involved because I am passionate. I discovered kink around 17, and since 18 wanted to be as involved in and try out as many things. I discovered this club completely by accident but was struck by how amazing it was that there was an educational group for Kink/BDSM. I have scars from when a boyfriend of mine did things without thorough research. We do our best to prevent that. People are going to do things anyways. We educate!
4) It can be challenging sometimes for clubs/associations to thrive when the foundemajor booster departs. Is this an issue for your club? 1) Within rules means we have to adhere to school rules such as no 'assault' or anything that can be classified as assault such as hitting, flogging, setting people on fire (WE TRIED TO GET PAST THIS ONE.) For impact we have a karate impact dummy. 4) We have enough people involved and we constantly attract freshmen who stay... so not an issue. Our club has been around a while!
You have so far mentioned a boyfriend and a girlfriend. What gender are you? Edit: Sorry, I have just read your username and have decided that you are probably female. I am a female, correct.
I heard that book is poorly written and doesn't even have real bondage sex in it. I just heard it had spanking in it and thought "i thought that was part of normal sex." It's not a good book and NOT a good example of healthy BDSM... but it makes BDSM more mainstream and attracts interested people.
What are the rules for "healthy" BDSM? 1) Do research. Never just dive in. Know how to tie without cutting off circulation, where to not hit with toys and what kind of wax you use: gotta be low-melting point for wax play.
2) Safety. Always have a back-up play for emergencies. Carry a first-aid kit, have safety sheers for rope, know your partner's limits. If you need to take your partner to the hospital, tell them what happened. Trust me, they've seen worse.
3) Communication is key! Nobody's REALLY psychic. it's important to try and earn as much about your partner's needs, desires, turn-ons, turn-offs, and VERY IMPORTANT: health problems. Do they have a pacemaker that you shouldn't have electricity near? Are they a hemophiliac? Do they have an STI?. Talk over how to prevent bad situations and enhance pleasure!
4) Ask for a YES! And don't be afraid to say no. Just because a person consented to a flogging does not mean they consented to sex. Always ask before proceeding to a new step. Little questions like "does this feel good?" "should I keep doing this?" may sound silly now but can help you greatly enhance your sexual experience.
5) Look out for each other. A sub isn't the only one who can freak out and pull out. A Dom can also have a flashback, or not be able to proceed. Always check in with who you're playing with to make sure you don't get carried away and cause moe damage than you intended.
I hope these help, if you have more questions or want clarification, don't hesitate to ask!
Thanks for this! I always wondered; not into BDSM myself but have a few friends that are and I respect it. Thank you for being so respectful! :)
Are many people in the club because they're looking for a partner, or just to learn, or maybe a little of both? I think various people come for various people, but mostly to learn and for a community of like-minded people.
What would biggest challenges be for the club? (Things like backlash from the school or student body) As for the worst, we had a problem with a demo a while back where a paddle was demonstrated on a consenting girl's arm and some school lawyer freaked out and tried to try the person for assault. This is why we are extra careful now.
Do you have any sort of waivers you have people sign now or do you just use the karate dummy for all impact demos? We just use the karate dummy :) People meet up to do what they want outside of club, off school property with no school affiliation.
How clear is the line between Kink club and orgy? Well it's really just a discussion type meeting. Since we are a university club, nothing like that ever happens. We meet on school grounds after all.
I guess my real question is do you guys every get carried away and just sort of fall into each other during your meetings? Or do you have like moderators to keep that from happening? A lot of people are extra friendly outside of club though :P.
Thank you the curiosity was dominating me. Well I wouldn't want to be a sadist and keep you torturing yourself with the thought.
2) I noticed you mentioned that 50 shades was a horrible book and that you thought it would bring BDSM more mainstream. I couldn't agree more that it is a terrible book (for me, mainly because the writing is horrible), but it sounds like you think it's a positive thing that the book brings BDSM more mainstream. Do you think the image that 50 Shades portrays is the light that should be shone on the BDSM culture? 2) No, not really, but I hope people realize it's a fantasy, albeit an unhealthy one. What I hope is that they get the curiosity to explore and research. :)
Has anyone ever done anything really over the line? Have you ever had to ban anyone from the club? We had one woman once who we were close to asking to never return because she took pictures of people with their permission, but people asked that these images not be put up online. She posted then on her personal page but after many requests took them down.
What's the ratio of men to women? I think we may have more women. The men trend to be older.
I envy you by the way, I can't find any kink club/munches near where I live, and I live in a pretty huge city.... And it's amazing to have this group! I myself have learned so much!
Are all of these older men students? Or do old guys just show up to get kinky with college girls? No most people are students or part of the local kink community. We are all familiar with each other.
My eyebrows raised a significant amount at the phrase "We are all familiar with each other" I apologize, my english isn't always the best. It is after all my second language.
Edit* spelling.
Do you need to check with the college before allowing outsiders into college clubs? Some colleges require that. Nope, since the funds don't directly go to sponsor anything the outsiders do. It's only a discussion club as well with some learning demonstrations that are all completely PG.
Sorry! It wasn't a spelling thing, I just found it amusing - though while we're at it, my question for the AMA is what's the backstory behind the reddit name? Why did you choose to spell it like Koi rather than coy ? Simply a fish that I like a lot :)
Do you have an extremely open campus? My college has a similar club, but because of the nature of our college, any campus visitors must be registered. We have not had problems really, and our club is open to everybody. Then again we don't advertise much. Once in a while we get a few jocks who come in and want to giggle, but at the beginning I kind of go "Welcome to ____, if you are in the wrong room, feel free to stay as we keep an open, welcoming environment." This usually shuts them up and I've had on occasion some return to want to be full members.
It's mostly power doms that are power hungry who end up bugging people. The club leader is some guy who doesn't even go here, and no surprise, the women all go here and are much younger. UGH. That can be frustrating. I think it's always important tot enforce that one has the power to say no. I always emphasize at my group that people shouldn't assume anything about their members or force them to talk about what they are uncomfortable with. Having a club leader that does not understand that the safety of the students comes first can be problematic, as if something happens to the students, they can receive a lot of judgment from school, faculty and parents.
I've had to complain to the dean about the fact that the off-campus visitors for the similar club at my campus were attempting to interact with my study group, which made us all feel really sketchy. We generally just shut our door and it solves most of the problems.
A lot of students are extremely uncomfortable with the notion of non-students being on campus, and even more uncomfortable with the notion of them being on campus for a club of a sexual nature due to stereotypes about BDSM (which of course aren't always true). This applies to all clubs. That's why we always make it clear that BDSM can be completely non-sexual, I used to met a man who would just tie me up for a few hours, NBD.
Most people hate the kink club on campus for being assholes and breaking rules, not because of kink, but whenever anyone criticizes them, they basically say that we're "oppressing their sexuality". This one frustrates me. Your club is the same as any other club, where people of similar interests gather to discuss them.
My school has strict rules for what goes on and a lot of people from off-campus don't follow the rules. That one is problematic. I have to say that needs to be discussed, and you need to explain that if this continues that you will not be able to meet on campus. If they protest, recommend them moving their munch to a separate place. Your group may be divided but you feeling safe and your club staying 'under the radar' so to speak is probably worth it.
Thanks a lot for your comments!
So I share a house with a couple of guys one of whom took a psychology of sex course at university and attended a presentation put on by members of our local kink community. Rather than coming away with a broadened perspective the spectrum of human sexuality, he seems to have gotten the impression that BDSMers are pretty much freaks. So I wonder when you have attendees that are doing their paper, when you interact with vanilla people in your capacity as president of your colleges kink club, how do you foster understanding? Do you do anything to highlight the normalcy of what it is that we do? I think it's always important to mention that consent is of the highest priority. Nothing is ever done without consent. And each person likes their own individual things, some just like certain sensations while some people like certain roleplays. If you simplify it down to 'vanilla' kink, it's easier to understand 'other' (?) kink.
Is it a sausage factory (besides you, that is)? No we actually have a pretty equal mix! Probably a few more girls because they're less embarrassed by sexuality I'm guessing :D.
Where was this when i was in college??? Oh the times, they are a changin'!
Do you get funding from the university? Yes, we do, mostly for things like flyers but we do get funding for some minor things like books. We were able to buy an impact dummy thanks to the university.
Do you do demonstrations during the meetings? Yes, but safely and on the dummy and if on people only non-violent things such as ties and only with consent.
How much anal? Haha, I love how people think that kinky means anal. I guess some people are int it, some people aren't!
Are you? Nope.
you said you was kinky. Haha I guess that depends on what you label as kinky!
How about just the tip? Really.
Any kinky professors ever show up? There was a professor I met at a local kink group who said he'd love to come but is worried about tenure, so he doesn't :)
A business card for this??! Who would you give that to? Generally people who would potentially be presenters or want to do interviews.
Do you hold munches often? if you are ever around the louisville group is amazing! Haven't been around to Louisville, I'll keep that in mind!
The university group holds meetings weekly and we all go out to a diner afterwards usually. Some people from the local king group I go to (which have monthly munches) come to our meetings! :D.
It is a shame the mix, the local, erm, well you can guess, was raided by police one night, and told everyone they had ten minutes to vacate the premise due to some fire marshall BS or something. Yeah that's bollocks. Our local group is friends with the guy who owns the venue and he closes it for our munches and play parties!
I'm a member of a few kink/BDSMclubs in my own country and loving every bit of it. You meet people from all places in society, people are generally awesome and extremly interesting. I got one question though, do you think some people have given up the dating scene, and learn to like BDSM/kinkstuff to have some sort of "last resort" getting a GF/BF? Some people, absolutely. But Most people in the BDSK/Kink community can spot them easily. They look uncomfortable, they don't identify as much, they're staring people up and down... That being said some try it out and find something they love. And that's fantastic. :)
"Safewords are for pussies. I refuse to use them." I choked on my food when I read that. Isn't that criminal negligence or something? Any "reasonable person" should not be thinking that's a good idea. Pretty much if you ignore a safeword, you ignore consent being revoked and that's assault/rape.
So are the meetings like a giant orgy or what? Do you have face control or can anyone join? How many members are ugly/fat? The meetings are purely discussion and demonstration of the PG sort.
What's your kink? Watching trains go into tunnels and not being aroused.
What is munches? It's generally shorthand for a group of kinksters to get together over food and chat about kinky things!
Are you perhaps looking for a photographer? I'd be willing to give a discount... Send me a message I can post it in our group!
Woah, Woah! We have BDSM CONFERENCES?! Aw, man, what the hell. I really need to get into the scene around me... They cost as much as science conferences though... But DAYUMN they are WORTH IT.
God i bet! That's awesome! I MUST attend one at some point. I cannot let that pass me by. How do you discover them....local kink community, or the local community in general? Google a city and BDSM kink Munch :) And fetlife is great as well!
I've heard such great things about fetlife. I must check it out. You most certainly should!
At what point would you say something had developed from harmless fun into harmful behavior? If the Pros and Cons have not been weighed carefully in advance, if there is the possibility of permanent damage to yourself or to others, if one is pressuring another individual into participating something they are uncomfortable with, and once consent is gone, once something is irreversible, that is a problem.
Where are you from?... I always found with girls it is very much area specific. Grew up in Chicago. What college? Not disclosing! :P.
I have nothing against religion, I just like don't like the effect of Catholicism on sexual expression. For some it certainly has that effect.
Are you on Yes, I am!
<3 fetlife, android app is wonderful for discreet browsing! Yes but moooneeeey :P I do love FL very much.
Why is it that more women are interested in sex as a lifestyle and area of study( e.g. there are more women than men in fetlife, there are more female sexoligists than male,etc)? I don't know really, might be that women are more comfortable discussing various societal roles.
Do you have any part of the club about farts? I'm a guy that loves to enjoy the sweet sweet farts of a woman! I don't believe that is a topic that has been discussed, no.
How do I join? Haha. Show up :P Where you at?
Charlotte NC, you anywhere close? I'm afraid not :) Check out places on fetlife!
*Edit: content.
Boooooo. Sorry :(
Even though I don't attend Harvard, can I still join? This isn't a Harvard club but the club is open to everybody in the general area and community. Do some research to find out if there is a club near you!
You would think wouldn't you? Nope. I've heard it too many times to count from these idiots. Thankfully I don't hear it anymore since I'm not active in the community anymore. I guess it also depends on what groups you are a part of. Some groups are really good about kicking these kinds of people out.
That's the first rule... The second is be Safe, Sane and Consensual!
I wish I had this when I was in college! I was amazed that this club was available and throughly thrilled when I discovered the club :) It's very nice to have a place to be accepted and have a community that supports and doesn't judge what you are into. Also I feel it's good to mention that there are area-based kink groups that often will meet once a month or so who do similar things. Just search the nearest city/town next to you + BDSM group. A good place to look is ! Edit: added info.
Slinks away due to downvotes.
Thanks for the site! Looking forward to meeting a few new people, though I doubt I'd find any decent women looking for someone like me... It's a great resource. Definitely look at the groups, they are a great resource. There's a lot of knowledgable people on there who are willing to answer a lot of questions!
Do you have a website. Due to privacy I prefer not to post it on the thread if you will respect my privacy I will message it to you. That goes for everybody here.
Damn, wish my university had something like this. Far too often, things like this have this mentality attached to them of "let's ignore what makes us uncomfortable". It's nice to be able to discuss in a safe space!
There would probably some demand for it here as the student population is massive, but starting it up would most likely be difficult. Send me a message, I'll reply to it after this thread dies down a bit! :)
I posted in the main body of the thread about starting up a group. Hope it helps.
Have you had anyone in interested in long term slavery, castration play, or anything that could actually be dangerous to either their health or mental well being. If so how did/would you handle the situation. That's not something anybody has ever brought up in club.
If they are interested in something that is dangerous to their well being, I would try to talk to them first, if I am unsuccessful in persuading them to stop I would refer them to student services or get a councilor to help. Safety and well being is a priority to us.
I'm a bit of a deviant myself so I know how after a while the mentality regarding certain things seems to drift. For instance I may not be interested foot fetishism but I can respect it as well as anything else. That said is there anything you just really don't understand as a fetish. Adults wearing diapers for infantilism. I just don't get it. Unless it's for humiliation :P.
within the rules of the university. It is merely an educational place. It's a resource for people interested in BDSM/Kink and we think that if people are going to try things out we may as well provide a safe space for discussion and education. No actual impact play or anything that can be seen as assault or hazing is ever done. Demonstrations are entirely on impact dummies and consenting adults (for things such as rope ties). And to be fair, we have 50+ christian related clubs, 1+ sex-positive club (that discusses that sex is healthy and normal when practiced properly), 1 atheist club and many many many other clubs. We don't necessarily advocate sex. BDSM/Kink can be completely separate and we often do meetings and presentations on safe sex and have done a meeting on distinguishing BDSM from abuse and how to prevent abuse. EDIT: expanded explanation.
As a father I would love to know which schools allow something like this to happen on campus or enrollment via the school.
Just want to make sure my daughter never stumbles across something like this. Could care less if one of my boys found it.... I think college is where people discover themselves. Honestly, nothing wrong with getting som education before you try things out. It's not like we really advocate anything that isn't shown in the media, we just make it safe, sane, consensual.
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